Labino NDT

Labino AB is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of UV lights, Alternate Light Sources and UV measurement instruments. We are an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, an ISO 80079-34EX certified company and an ISO/IEC 17025 calibration lab with scope in UV and White Light calibrations. 

We have a team of highly qualified scientists whose sole duty is working towards providing accurate instruments and constantly improving all products we manufacture. Our products are sold in over 50 countries via a wide network of distributors, service centres and calibration centres. Our overhead UV lights carry a 3-year warranty and our handheld UV lights 2-year warranty.

All products we sell are made only by Labino, in factories owned by Labino, controlled by a Labino quality manager, and audited by a third party. 

Our auditor for ISO/IEC 17025 is SWEDAC.
Our auditor for ISO 80079-34EX, manufacturing of explosion proof products, is Intertek.
Our auditor for ISO 9001-2015 is DNV.

Any owner of Labino products has an open invitation to visit us and meet the team. Take a tour to see where your equipment has been designed, where it has been built, but most important of all, where and how it has been tested to comply with respective standards.

Marios Athanasiadis
+46 766773406